stop reading the alt tag noob
two, four, six, eight, how do you know your kids are straight?

what a dick

Evidently no one hates us.. yet.


bitching, whining, crying, threats of violence, cool stories bro, etc:

This form takes a long time to submit, I don't know why but I'll probably fix it later.  I might just not depending on how much I really care when I get around to figuring out why.  By clicking submit you agree that we can repost any stupid bullshit you happen to say.  However that does not mean we'll post all stupid bullshit, just what we deem lolworthy.  Most of you out there simply are not that interesting, volatile, or even sadly funny.  It would probably be best if you're actually considering filling this out to kill yourself instead.  I mean then at the very least we'd be spared having to read your nonsensical garbage or at best find out you died and crack a smile over it.  But I digress... run along and go back to playing with your brother's balls while getting fucked by your dog or something.  <3

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