stop reading the alt tag noob
don't worry everyone, next month we'll be deflowered

fuck you, butterfly

A long time ago (1998) in a land far far away (depending on your current geographical location) a website called Nimrod was running using an early version of apache on a 333mhz dell connected to the internet via 56k dialup with a static ip... at first the only person posting on this site was the owner of said computer, but that would soon change. in those days social networking didn't exist.. people communicated via irc, email, and a number of new instant messaging services like aim and icq. forums (bulletin boards) were just starting to become common and were at the time a transition from the older style bbs systems which users had to dial in to. setting up a forum at that time was a cumbersome, complex, and often expensive process as there were only a few free internet bulletin board softwares availible... java based chat also existed, but it was the scourge of the web and more often than not simply connected to irc and ran badly. mostly unknown to the individual running Nimrod was that people were actually reading the shit he posted, and this was well before the journal (blog) crazy exploded. eventually the idea came up amongst the viewers (some of them friends from school) that it would be great if they could all post various shit on Nimrod about their arguably interesting lives. after managing to learn a very minimal amout of the new php scripting language and somehow coming up with a new name for the site, was born.. but no one expected what happened next. taking a nap i'll finish this later

work in progress, please wait
also not spell checked yet :p

update: i forgot to finish this... probably gonna do it eventually
unless i get distracted and forget once again
oohhh a squirrel

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